Just because it’s colder outside doesn’t mean your outdoor areas have to be off-limits. There are ways to warm up your outdoor living spaces so that you get more use out of them throughout the whole year. Read on to learn about the different options so that you can make the best choice for your home.

An Outdoor Fireplace Will Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Build an outdoor fireplace on your deck or patio. This project takes a large investment because you will need to hire a masonry crew to build the fireplace and a chimney. The end result is an impressive addition to your home which will last for decades and raise the property value.

Keep in mind that just like an indoor fireplace, you’ll need to schedule a chimney cleaning each year. You can also hook up the fireplace to a gas line if you would prefer that over a wood-burning feature.

Wood-Burning Fire Pit

A fire pit doesn’t have the same presence as an outdoor fireplace, but this option is much easier on the budget. Above-ground fire pits can be found at home improvement stores for a couple of hundred dollars. If you have an appropriate space, you could dig your own fire pit and install a patio around it. Just make sure that the flames are kept at least 10 feet away from structures, trees, and other obstacles that could catch fire.

Propane Fire Pit

Home improvement stores also sell propane fire pits for those who prefer the convenience of starting flames with the turn of a knob. They are more predictable than wood-burning fires, but it’s still important to use caution with anything involving propane and open flames.

Propane Patio Heater

If your goal is more warmth than ambiance, a patio heater might be your best option. Not all outdoor living spaces can safely accommodate a roaring fire. Propane patio heaters are more expensive than above-ground fire pits, but they generally heat up a larger amount of space.

Many models have the heating element on the top and heat a vertical area of about 6 feet high. Most commercial businesses have these types of heaters on their outdoor patios, so you can scope them out and decide if they would work in your space.

Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces With Electric Patio Heaters

If you have access to electrical outlets outdoors, electric patio heaters are a great option. They use infrared heat to provide radiant warmth and are built for outdoor use. They are one of the safest options, but still should be kept away from any flammable materials. There are standalone models and those that can be mounted to a wall or ceiling.

Wind Barriers

Along with adding a heat source for your outdoor living space, barriers will help to keep the heat in and the wind out. Build privacy walls or hang heavy weatherproof drapes, depending on the type of space you are working with.

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