Saving water benefits you and the planet. Consume less water and learn ways to repurpose water to lower bills and help conserve a valuable natural resource. By changing a few habits, you’ll save water at home.

Install a Water-Saving Showerhead

Installing a low-flow shower head is a great way to save water. Modern low-flow fixtures cause no reduction in water pressure so you can still enjoy a luxurious shower, but while using less water than a standard shower head.

Fix Plumbing Leaks to Save Water at Home

Plumbing leaks drive up your utility bills and waste gallons of water every day. Even a dripping faucet can cause a noticeable increase in your water bill. If not remedied, plumbing leaks can also lead to structural damage and mold growth. Replace the dripping faucet, repair the leaking pipe under the sink, and fix the toilet that doesn’t stop running. You’ll notice savings on your water bill almost immediately.

Repurpose Water

Some of the water we consume in our homes can be reused for other purposes. For example, save the water used to cook pasta and repurpose it for watering houseplants. The starch left behind in the water is beneficial for plants. One of the best ways to reuse water is by installing a rain barrel on your gutter’s downspout. This barrel collects rain that can be used to water the lawn or garden.

Only Run Full Loads in Your Appliances

Appliances help us complete chores more effectively. The clothes washer and dishwasher are two appliances that use significant amounts of water. Save energy and water by only running the machines when you have a full load. The creates less wear and tear on the appliance, extending its lifespan.

Turn off the Tap to Save Water at Home

Hand-washing is important to stay healthy and well. However, it’s not necessary to use too much water while watching up. When shaving, washing your hands, or brushing your teeth, turn off the tap when it’s not in use. Use water to moisten your face, hands, or toothbrush, and then turn it off. When you’re ready to rinse, turn the faucet on again. You can save gallons of water every day simply by turning off the tap.

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