With summer in full swing, many homeowners are already seeing the impact of air conditioning on their utility bills. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to save some money this summer. Here are some tips to help reduce cooling costs.

Use Fans to Reduce Cooling Costs

Ceiling fans and box fans aren’t just helpful for keeping you cool when it’s hot, they also help to reduce cooling costs. By providing what’s known as the wind-chill effect, a fan can make your home feel as though it’s several degrees cooler. When you use fans in your home, you reduce your dependency on the AC unit and can even set your thermostat a few degrees higher.

Run Your AC Economically

The hotter the days, the higher your energy bills. A great way to reduce cooling costs this year is by regulating your air conditioner settings. Always set the AC to the highest temperature that is still comfortable. Invest in a programmable thermostat that increases the temperature when you’re not home so the AC isn’t running unnecessarily. The less of a difference there is between the outside and inside temperatures, the less you’ll end up paying.

Maintain Your AC Unit to Reduce Cooling Costs

Clogged filters decrease air flow and cause your AC unit to expend more energy, leading to higher energy costs. Cleaning or replacing filters once a month improves air quality and can lower the energy consumption by 5-15%. Homeowners using central cooling systems should make sure their floor registers aren’t blocked by furniture or dust. Keep condenser coils and evaporators free of any obstruction to help the AC unit run most efficiently.

Prevent Heat Buildup Throughout the Day

Extra heat in your home during the day can push your AC into overdrive as it tries to keep up. Preventing heat buildup throughout the day will help reduce summer cooling costs. Activities such as drying clothes, running the dishwasher, and cooking on the stovetop should be postponed until evening hours. As alternatives, cook outside on the grill, use a microwave, and wash dishes by hand. When using the shower during the day, turn on the exhaust fan in the bathroom to remove extra humidity and heat.

Close the Blinds to Reduce Cooling Costs

Reducing the amount of solar heat that enters and warms your home can have a drastic effect on cooling costs. Use window treatments to block direct sunlight from coming into your home during the hottest part of the day. Close blinds, curtains, and drapes during the day and open them again in the evening.

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