For many homeowners, the garage is a convenient place to stow things they do not use regularly. This can include seasonal decor, craft supplies, sporting equipment, and other items. To organize the space, find garage storage solutions that work for you.

Sort Items Before Choosing Garage Storage Solutions

Before you decide which of these garage storage solutions is best, sort through your belongings and discard things that you don’t use. Decluttering will help you downsize so you’ll have less to store. After the cleanup, sort remaining items by function or season.

Install a Rack for Vertical Garage Storage

One way to make use of the available space is to store items vertically. Shelves are a popular solution, but so are racks from which you can hang things. These are easy to install and come in different sizes so you can choose the right ones for your garage. Find a ready-made rack to hang on your wall or build your own with a piece of wood and different sized hooks.

Suspend Bicycles from the Ceiling

It is easy to build a pulley system with hooks and strong wire or rope. Use this system to hang bicycles, canoes, kayaks, or other large items.

Use Cabinets

No matter what types of things you need to store, cabinets are a great option. Look for metal or plastic cabinets or have custom-built storage designed for your home.

Keep Your Gardening Tools Handy

If you enjoy gardening, keep your tools neatly organized and easy-to-access with a tool storage rack. These hold longer tools, like shovels or rakes, with tension. Smaller gardening items, like gloves or shears, can be stored in a plastic storage bin or on smaller hooks near your other gardening tools.

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